BravoSearch comes with built in support for synonyms, allowing you the ability to have more control over the way that information matches from within the search results. When the searches take place they are compared against the list of synonyms present in the system.

Synonyms work exactly the same way that they do in English, if there two words are the same, then they will be matched as part of the results.

Lastly in order for the insertion of the synonym list to work the synonyms have to be inserted into the index before any of the data gets placed into the index. Synonyms are applied to the list of words as part of the indexing process.

Bulk Management for Synonyms

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The BravoCommand allows for the mass import of synonyms into the system via the Build Import Process.  As the first step in the process select the correct index from the drop-down this will populate the list of current synonyms in the system as well as allow for the updating of synonyms.

Entering in the list of synonyms each on their own line separated by commas. Once you have added all of the synonyms that you want to enter you can hit Add Synonyms. Once this has been completed make sure that you publish the synonyms list.

Individual Synonym Management

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Modification of a single synonym row can be done by navigating to the row that needs modification, it can be done using the filtering box or navigating to it by paging icon, and selecting the pencil icon. Once this is done it will convert the row to a modifiable source. Once you are done modifying the row click on the Save if you want to save the data, or cancel if you want to roll it back. To remove a line that is no longer needed click on the X icon.

Once you have completed all of the changes that you need to make, make sure that you publish the results by clicking the Publish Synonym List.  Note that this will not take effect until the index is cleared.