Cloud Infrastructure

The Bravo platform is built for scaleability by being built natively on cloud technologies Azure and ElasticSearch. Bravo leverages the functionality and extends it where necessary to create the best of both worlds - a solution that can grow but also that is specialized to the purpose.


Bravo stores search data in an industry-leading open source search index called Elasticsearch. Bravo believes that using Elasticsearch will provide scaleability and speed that cannot be matched.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Bravo provides the ability to choose from multiple algorithms that might best serve the data that is being processed. A simple user interface is provided to make this choice as well as to evaluate the validity and effectiveness of the chosen algorithm.

Open APIs / Integration

Bravo provides open APIs for ease of integration. Open APIs help maximize the value of content by providing a public, easily consumable way to integrate content services into existing and custom applications. Open APIs simplify solution development and maintenance by logically separating the integration layer from the client code.

Custom Development / Application Development Framework

Using modern UX and UI technologies the Application Development Framework within the Bravo Search Solution provides a rapid, unified experience for building business solutions that use the Bravo Search Platform’s tightly integrated services. These modern UX/UI technologies, including Angular Material Design and pre-built Angular and React components and services, allow IT to develop applications quickly and iteratively.

Pre-Built Collectors / Extensions

Integrations with leading applications—including multiple Content Mangement Systems (such as Drupal, Wordpress, Episerver, and DNN), CRM (such as Salesforce), Association Management Systems (such as NimbleAMS), Learning Management Systems (such as BlueSky), Online Community Systems (such as Higher Logic), and many more - ensure that content is accessible within the context of core business systems and processes. A wide range of extensions and open REST APIs provide the flexibility to add more capabilities for specific business needs.

Data Security / Content Security

The Bravo team takes client data security very seriously. The Bravo platform is designed to use Azure and Elasticsearch to prevent malicious attacks and other risks and ensure integrity, authentication, and availability.

Reporting / Analytics / Business Intelligence

Bravo analytics and reporting are designed to help make faster decisions and improve business by exploring trends in your data. Bravo is continually looking for ways to extend and add more value for business intelligence and analytics.

Deployment Model

Bravo is deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model as a cloud-based solution. The software is delivered over the internet and accessible from any location via APIs. Clients never need to manage, install, or upgrade the software, because Bravo will handle all of these functions.

Comprehensive Documentation

Bravo provides full documentation on how to establish data connections and set up and manage data health over time. The documentation also covers how to set up and configure the user interface for search results so that a world-class search experience can be created.

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