Indexed Items

A pictogram of a database and the number of indexed items.
The indexed items is a quick view of the count of items that are currently being indexed into your search by BravoSearch. Clicking into the View Details will take you to the Indexes page.

As more documents are captured by the indexing process the number in this dashboard will increase, this value may fluctuate if you are using truncation as part of the indexing process.

Index Schemas

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A pictogram of a table and the number of index schemas

Index schemas indicate the number of indexes that are controlled by the account, for most customers this value will currently be 1.  Clicking View Details will take you to the Indexes page.

Scheduled Updates

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A pictogram of a calendar and a count of the scheduled items.

Scheduled Content Updates is a quick indicator for the number of collectors that are currently scheduled to collect data from their respective locations.  Clicking on the View Details will take you to the Collectors Page.

Search Volume

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A graph showing the number of searches performed over time.

The search volume graph is a dynamically generated graph showing the volume of searches that are being conducted against your search instance.  It allows for the dynamic selection of a time period and the modification of the basic visualization within that date.  Assuming that there is enough metrics data in the system to display a graph you will have the ability to look at the data on an hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and month by month view.  There is also the ability to switch between a curved and linear view to help with the spotting of key points or the tracking of trends.

Selected Index: The selected index is which of the indexes you are looking. For most customers, unless they have configured for segmented search indexes, will only have one index.  So the first instance is selected by default.

From: This is the start date for the search metrics.

To: This is the end date for the search metrics.

Top Search Terms

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A listing of all of the top search terms.

The top search term listing indicates the searches over the specified time limit selected in the search volume.  The dates where this data is correlated from are the date selectors from the search volume control.

As new search terms are entered into searches they will be updated, provided that the time is included as part of the search scope.

Top Filters

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The top filters indicate the most used filters that are used inside Bravo Search. Due to the nature of how Bravo Search can be configured it's possible that these filters can be automatically applied to the search in the event that search is configured as a subsearch, or they could represent facets that are selected as part of the filtering process.  

A deeper understanding of your implementation may be needed to understand how the facets are being used in your instance, that can lead to a better understanding of the information present in this chart.

Top Empty Searches

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The top searches with no results window indicates all of the items that were searched for inside the search box that resulted in no content appearing in the search.  The intent of this information is to help staff identify possible missing words or content that is not correctly mapped within the system. 

Report a Bug

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In the event that you have found some functionality that is not behaving as expected (we know it happens and we really are sorry about it). You are welcome to submit a bug report so that our crack team of developer ninjas can look into it to figure out what happened.

To do this you will need to click on the Report a Bug icon (  ) on the top right part of the dashboard screen, from this point it will open up a dialog box that will allow you to enter information about what you were expecting the functionality of the site to do and what it did, then follow up with the steps that you preformed to make it do really bad things.

The better bug report you submit the better we will be able to troubleshoot the problem and make that bug go away so here are some recommendations on writing:

  • Make sure that the description of the issue is clear and defined properly.
    • Bad Description: When I go to the dashboard it doesn't work.
    • Good Description: When looking at the search volume graph no search results are showing if the month length is selected.
  • Make sure that the Reproducible steps are clear so that we can reproduce the issue:
    • Bad Reproducible Steps:
      • Click on the button
      • It doesn't work
    • Good Reproducible Steps:
      • Login as user : User1234
      • Click on the report a bug link
      • type in "test text"
      • Click submit
      • There is a red box that says submission failed.

Suggest a Feature

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With BravoSearch we are always looking for new ways to improve the product, one of these ways is to allow you to speak to us.  To do that click on the "Idea Lightbulb" next to the submit a bug icon.  From here you can give us all of your thoughts on what we can do to improve the product.  The only catch is that we need you to filling enough as to what you want to see and what you are trying to achieve so that we can get it properly logged into our tracking system. Just type all of that information into the Message box and click submit, once that's done it will send a message to the Bravo Development team.

Edit Profile

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By clicking on the person icon (  ) in the upper right hand side of the screen you can gain access to the user profile screen menu:


From here you have two options. The first of the two options is to edit profile, this will allow you to modify the information that we use inside the system to track items back to you.  From here you have the option to update first and last name, as well as the email that we will contact you at.  The email that is listed in this box is the email that we use to connect with you about system maintenance and other things that might impact the performance or operation of the BravoSearch Application.  From this screen you will also be able to update your password, something that we recommend that you do regularly (same with every program, also please don't reuse passwords, we don't want someone breaking into another account somewhere else then getting access to all your really cool search stuff).

The second option is to Logout, choosing this option will log you out of the BravoSearch Console, but don't worry... All of your operations: Collection of statistics, collection of data, and searches will continue without you.