Bravo AI (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Bravo is continually investing in the latest technologies with the goal of providing tools for the best search possible. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to do work more consistently and more efficiently than a human allowing staff to concentrate on activities that provide more value.


Topic detection to assist the creation of a universal taxonomy

Machine learning will take your sample data of your choosing and recommend topics for your taxonomy and classification scheme. This will allow your team to get a more comprehensive scope and a common language around the topics that are within your content. This taxonomy will then be used as an input to help classify your individual content items during auto-classification.

Machine learning algorithms classify content (Smart Classification) as it is processed for speed and consistency

After the machine learning algorithm has done its work, the system will index all of that data in an industry-leading search index called ElasticSearch. This will allow for filtering and faceting of the data at near instantaneous retrieval when your user do a search. Your users will love being able to find the information they need at break-neck speeds.

Personalization - Coming Soon!

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can be used to create a rich experience that is tailored to each user based on data about that person, different pages that they have visited, where they have been on the internet, as well as an custom data that a client would like to use to trigger signals for personalization.

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