Bravo SMART Classification

Bravo's smart classification services provide the ability to tag content on the fly using machine learning algorithms rather than relying on busy staff members that have other responsibilities. The system will learn the best methods for tagging and classifying and get better as time goes by. This saves countless amounts of time and energy and makes the process much more consistent at the same time.


Federation and pre-built connectors mean that we can retrieve data from any data source

Bravo engineers will configure the system to consistently get data from any data source that is needed with either existing connectors or build additional connectors that will pull data in the future. This is how federation means - you can consistently tag and classify content across multiple data sources.

Machine learning algorithms auto-classify content as it is processed for speed and consistency

The Bravo team will work with your team to train the machine learning algorithm over time to get better at tagging content. The end result will be a system that is more reliable and much faster than a human could ever do these activities freeing up your staff to do more high-value tasks as well as allowing for potentially millions of historical content to be processed and automatically classified.

Store the content and tags (classifications) to be retrieved really, really fast through search

After the machine learning algorithm has done its work, the system will index all of that data in an industry-leading search index called ElasticSearch. This will allow for filtering and faceting of the data at near instantaneous retrieval when your user do a search. Your users will love being able to find the information they need at break-neck speeds.

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