Federation and pre-built connectors mean that data can be retrieved from any data source

Bravo engineers will configure the system to consistently get data from any data source that is needed with either existing connectors or build additional connectors that will pull data in the future. This is how federation means - you can consistently tag and classify content across multiple data sources.

Authentication ensures that anyone searching only has access to the content that they have been provided the permission to view

The Bravo team will work with your team to train the machine learning algorithm over time to get better at tagging content. The end result will be a system that is more reliable and much faster than a human could ever do these activities freeing up your staff to do more high-value tasks as well as allowing for potentially millions of historical content to be processed and automatically classified.

Store the content and tags (classifications) to be retrieved really, really fast through search

After the machine learning algorithm has done its work, the system will index all of that data in an industry-leading search index called ElasticSearch. This will allow for filtering and faceting of the data at near instantaneous retrieval when your user do a search. Your users will love being able to find the information they need at break-neck speeds.

Search results are gorgeous, fast, flexible, relevant, and effective

The Bravo team will help determine what is important to put on the search results page with filters, facets and components such as images, videos, text, headers, dates or anything else that is required. Design will take into consideration existing style guides and current design asthetics. Useability and effectiveness are paramount to search success.

Get the help you need from specialists in search technology both for implementation and after launch

Bravo engineers will assist in understanding data, setting up data connections, cleaning up the data to make it consistent across the data sources, and configure the system to manage the health of the data over time. Bravo specialists will also work with client to establish a user experience and develop an appropriate search results experience that will drive success and effectiveness. In addition, Bravo consultants are available to assist clients to evaluate reporting and analytics as well as provide guidance on search optimization.

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