The BravoSearch products can be broken down into several different products that interact together to produce a seamless experience. The first of these products is the actual search service itself, BravoSearch. It is unlikely that you will directly interact with BravoSearch at any point, but it powers everything. You will however interact with the sister program bravo command. From inside the BravoCommand console you have access to all of the functionalities and features that are offered from BravoSearch. BravoCommand is the Command interface for working with BravoSearch, this console is your one stop shop for finding out the health, statistics on usage, operation, and troubleshooting with your instance of BravoSearch.

The BravoCommand system can be broken down into several sections to help you better understand the function that they provide as well as the power that can be unlocked.

The first of these views is the Dashboard. After logging in this is where you will be directed, and will give you information about the nature of the work that BravoSearch is doing for you.  It will include graphs and charts that can be used to improve your search and the things that BravoSearch can do for you.

The second option that is available to you is the Indexes view, inside BravoSearch indexes represent the filing system where all of the data that you send it resides, these screens provide useful information about the basic building blocks of the BravoSearch Product. In the event that you need to clear all of the data in an index, you can do that from this screen.

The next option is the Content Collection screen. On this screen you will control all of the processes that will go out and collect all of the data from the various sites and sources for indexing.  You can control all of the settings, as well when the collection of that data should kick off.  It's also important to know that you can also kick off the collection at any time by using this screen.

If you want to control how words are associated inside the search Synonym Management might be what you are looking for. From here you will be able to control the association of words in the system.